Permanent Hair Straightening: My Experience

Hello !

This post is going to be a bit different from my usual posts, but I wanted to share my story of my experience with permanent hair straightening, also known as relaxing and Japanese hair straightening. Basically it is the process of using a chemical substance to alter the texture of your hair for a long period of time. I am no hair expert but this is what I have learned based on my experience and people around me.


So growing up I’ve always had curly hair and I have Indian hair. It is pretty frizzy and during the summer since I live in Canada and it gets humid, it turns into a curly mess. Not frizzy, but my straight hair won’t hold. Since I was in high school I started straightening my hair everyday and as you know this can be quite damaging and time consuming and a lot of the time it was very difficult to get my hair to stay straight throughout the day. I have tried everything to keep it straight but nothing has worked. I decided to try this technique since a cousin of mine had gotten it done and she looked amazing, but she did let me know the particular salon she went to did cause some problems ( it did not work the first treatment, and she had to do it again). Also, I typically wash my hair in the morning and in order to wash, blow dry, and style would probably take me two hours and I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed my sleep. I made the decision to just do it and get it done the same day but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the treatment. I called up the same salon my cousin got hers done at and was quoted a range of $60-100. Now my hair is shoulder length so I knew it wouldn’t be $100 and to me $60 was affordable. So I booked an appointment and got it done the same day.


I went to a salon in my local mall called The Cut Above and was quoted $90 and that the results would last around 6 months. Not bad, I expected that. The stylist first put in the chair and put on the cape, and put my hair under a blow dryer. It got uncomfortable but I’m a newbie, I have never been to a hair salon except for a basic cut so I didn’t know what was typical protocol. After about 10 minutes under the heat, he brought out a big tub of the chemical relaxer and just combed in through my entire head of hair in sections. He made sure to thoroughly apply it everywhere and It kind of felt nice like a head massage. After that, he rinsed my hair out with shampoo, conditioner, and applied some leave in treatments. Then he applied the over head hair dryer again, and blow dried the rest of my hair and applied some mousse. This is where I was confused. I was told mousse if to define the curls in your hair, so when he applied it and noticed that my hair was not that straight, I just blamed it on the mousse. I left with my hair half damp and semi straight and just assumed this was the final result and that was that.

I just thought when I rinse it out and apply some argan oil, it will become straight. After my cousin saw my hair and said the same thing happened to her, where she had to go to the salon to get it re-done, I knew I would have to go through the same process. I was furious I had just spent $100 to get my hair done and after many washes, it was just semi- straight. Plus I had to wait for the stylist to come back from vacation. But I did know what I was getting myself into since this situation already happened and I did not mind going in again.

After going back today in fact, the stylist was more than happy to do the process again free of charge, but used a higher strength relaxer. This was one burned like a bitch. Especially around my hair line and ears, but hey beauty is pain. I was left with some burn marks around my forehead though which sucks. Once the above steps were followed again, and this time he thoroughly blow dried my hair out, I got my perfect sleek hair! I am so happy! I feel so relieved with all the time I’m going to save now a days since I am a student and currently work.

Things to Keep in Mind:

When making the decision to get your hair relaxed, make sure you educate yourself and shop around for a good stylist and salon. Relaxing your hair involved chemicals so it is damaging. I am fortunate enough that my hair is pretty strong, but everyone is different. This treatment is different from kertain and results vary depending on hair types. During the treatment, ask questions, a lot of questions and pay attention, you don’t want to get scammed. You don’t need to do a lot to maintain results either, just make sure you condition and moisturize your hair as normal and don’t apply too much heat like straightening on top of your chemically treated hair. All you have to do it blow dry it and it should dry straight. If not, got back to the salon and let them know the issue.


This was my experience with relaxing my hair, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel free to leave any comments and/or questions down below! Again I am not familiar with these types of treatments, I just wanted to share my experience and what went down at my salon. Let me know about your stories as well! Take care and connect with me on my socials ! Cheers!



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