Urban Decay Naked HEAT Palette : First Impressions + Review + Swatches


Really excited to do a review on the new Urban Decay Naked HEAT Palette ! Immediately when I found out Urban Decay was releasing this palette I knew I had to have it. I currently only own one naked palette, so I think it was time for a new one. I was lucky enough to get this as a gift (not PR) but it was available on Sephora for one day only until the official launch on JUNE 30th online and JULY 10th in stores! This retails for $54 usd and $66 CAD just as their other naked palettes do. Note: I have not used the palette yet, this is just a first impressions.

The packaging is a bit different however, it is a bit more heavier and not cheap at all. The product also comes with a brush which in the past I have loved. With 12 shades including shimmers and mattes, this everyday to fiery hot palette is essential and I do believe it can work for any skin tone. You can never go wrong with warm tone shades and it’s so versatile. I know I would be able to do some beautiful everyday looks, but also dramatic ones as well.

The shadows are insanely pigmented. The first three shades, ounce, chaser, and sauced, were not extremely pigmented and required a few swipes, which is not bad, I don’t  mind, but every other single eyeshadow swatched beautifully I was so impressed. (Below are the swatches)

I highly recommend this palette, it definitely lived up to its standards. Like I mentioned above, I have not used this on my eyes so I can not comment about fallouts, but I imagine there probably would be some fall out, but what really got me was how pigmented the shimmer shades were, I don’t even need to put a glitter on top! This palette can be used for anyone whether you need an every day palette, or love to do over the top looks, everyone will find a use for this. I’m completely obsessed, Rate this a 5/5! Hope you liked this little review and hey remember to try it for yourself, you can always return it if you’re not satisfied! Take Care.

– Ankeeeta


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