Hit or Miss? Marc Jacobs ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation

Welcome back to another post in the hit or miss series! Today, I will be reviewing the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation and boy do I have A LOT to say about this product…

So let’s get to the basics. This is a extremely full coverage foundation that I purchased at Sephora but I am sure can be purchased at other stores and it retails for $69 CAD which is …. EXPENSIVE for a foundation. ( I had another foundation as I a gift so I exchanged it for this one instead so I paid nothing)…

Now I came across this foundation because I asked a associate to give me the most mattest foundation they have in the entire store and I was directed to this. I heard about this and was really excited to try it out but let me just say, this was a complete MISS for me.

But the packaging is beautiful as hellll.

I had a bad experience with my last foundation (ahem nars all day luminous) since the cap kept un doing it self every time I traveled and spilt EVERYWHERE so I needed a new foundation ASAP. The Marc Jacobs foundation has a tight silver lid, but also a black lid on top, so I know this was not going to spill everywhere. It also comes with 0.75 oz of product in a frosty jar.

You either love it or you hate it and I just was not a fan. I loved when she applied it because it does have an insanely beautiful finish and makes you look like a million bucks, but it was just too cakey and heavy and awful. Now let me explain, I have very oily skin.. well just an oily nose that within an hour or two it looks horrid, and it’s only my nose, and so I cake on the setting powder in order to avoid that but with a lot of powder and this foundation… oh no it did not mix well. This foundation is very cakey if you apply a lot of setting powder, or even just a bit of setting powder since it dries to a powder like finish, but for me It still made me oily with or without applying a setting powder. I even used a setting spray and same thing.. It also liked to do this adorable thing where the product would cling to my dry patches and separate on my nose and look like a hot mess.. so no pretty.

I just did not have a good experience with this foundation and I feel like it’s too heavy to wear for an every day foundation. Some people found a way to make this work and they love it and yes for some people this could be their holy grail, but if you like to stay matte, then this foundation won’t work for you. But like I always say, GET A SAMPLE FIRST. always have a sample first and test it out! Just because it did not work for me, does not mean it won’t work for you.

Hope you enjoyed this review ladies, please let me know if you would like any other product reviews!

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ps. if you have noticed I have been posting less, I’m kind of under construction I will be making a come back very soon 🙂





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