Luxie Brushes : Hit or Miss?

Welcome back! For this post, I wanted to do a little review on Luxie Beauty and their iconic pink handled brushes. First off, luxie beauty is a cruelty free cosmetic brand that specializes in brushes, but offers other products such as lashes, eyeshadows, and even some cool apparel. Now I wouldn’t be selling a brand that I didn’t believe in or truly love and let me tell you how much I truly love this brand.

At Gen Beauty I got the opportunity to volunteer with this brand, not having tried their products before but very keen on learning what they are all about. To my pleasure, the creators, Tammy & Mike, and their entire team were nothing but sweet, kind, generous, and the list goes on. They showed such great hospitality and were such a great bunch to work with.

Through this experience I got to try out some of their famous brushes for myself and let me tell you ladies, these brushes, even just one, is a must have in your collection! they are semi-affordable I would say (in-between real techniques and sigma) and they always offer coupon codes so you are able to get some great deals. I would wait til some really big promotion. I received the Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Brush Set and another set that I can not find on the site for the life of me. Even while feeling these brushes in person, you KNOW they are good quality, they are going to last, and they are worth the money. I of of course was skeptical at first to try them out initially which is why I suggest purchasing one for now, and work your way up. They often have brushes in the ipsy glam bag as well, and a few friends of mine have even raved about these brushes.

The first time I used a Luxie Beauty brush was to simply apply my blush and highlight, which is why I opted for the Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush 522 which works well for any type of powder, and even to set under your eyes. This brush is literally so soft, perfect for a light dusting of blush, a little bronzer, and to top it off, a glowing highlight. This particular brush is known to be a fan favourite and I would compare it to the real techniques blush brush, although that is way bigger than the luxie one.

And hey ladies, it’s all in the brushes. That’s how you achieve a flawless look. If you have good quality brushes, the rest is a dream. Overall, these brushes seem to be booming so there’s a reason why they’re selling out so quickly ! I guarantee you will see a difference in your makeup with any one of the luxie beauty brushes. I can definitely say they are a HIT!

Hope this review was somewhat helpful! If you want to try their brushes, feel free to use the code “aobeauty” for a discount! (going to be real here idk what the discount is, but its pretty much taking the shipping off.. so yeah I’d say that’s a good deal)



2 responses to “Luxie Brushes : Hit or Miss?

    • Yes luxie offers a bunch of sets and in the picture its two sets combined. they range from around 40 – 400$ for sets but they always have coupon does as well! trust me I guarantee you will love them!

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